My Review of WifiSugar

Everyone knows that hacking is a huge problem and that identity theft is on the rise everywhere. Because I work on my laptop in public places a lot, I knew that I was putting myself at risk.

Hackers often connect to public or open wifi connections to spy on other people connected to that same network. I had read that in addition to anti-virus software, everyone should have a copy of network security software like WifiSugar from

There are a couple of other programs like WifiSugar, but I couldn't find anything that beat it. WifiSugar works on PCs. MACs, iPads and phones, and one subscription will let me use it on all my computers, so I didn't have to buy a copy for each one! 

The setup was super simple – you can download the files to install it and then just press a few buttons to get it working.

WifiSugar works like this.

1) You connect your laptop to the cafe or hotels wifi connection
2) Your click on the icon for WifiSugar that’s on your desktop
3) That's it! You're protected against hackers!

When WifiSugar is running it scrambles the data that your computer sends out over the wireless connection to no one can see what you're doing or steal your passwords.

There isn't any impact on my computer's performance and it runs in the background without any pop ups or annoying notifications.

As someone who travels for work constantly it is great to know that my emails and my client's files can't be stolen by hackers. I really can't recommend it enough..

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