WiFi Sugar Won't Let Hackers View Your Internet Activity and Access Your Computer

Wifi Sugar - Wireless Security Reviews

Wifi Sugar Protection even at Starbucks!

Wifi Sugar came along and has saved the day!  Most people are shocked when they learn how easy it is for hackers to view their internet activity and access their computer when they’re connected to a public wifi connection.

When you’re connected to a public wifi hotspot at a cafe, on an airplane, at a hotel, or anywhere else, the way your computer is able to access the internet wirelessly is by virtually “yelling” data to the internet connection in the room. Every other computer that’s around you is able to hear what your computer is “saying”…. If it wants to.

Every time you login to a Facebook, send an email, or visit a website, your computer is revealing every detail, including usernames, passwords and email messages to the whole room!

A hacker with basic software that is already available on the internet for FREE can get access to your computer and ALL of your web surfing activity within 30 seconds of you being online in a public wifi location.

This problem is an epidemic and most people don’t know about it. There are over 24,000 videos on Youtube showing people how to hack your computer over a wireless internet connection and the one piece of software to that allows SmartPhones to hack your wifi - has already been downloaded over a MILLION times!

A report in Forbes magazine found “rampant” examples of wifi hacking and spying at several major US airports, libraries, coffee houses and dog parks. According to an NBC News article, a well funded group drove through towns, accessed people’s computers over public wifi accounts and “snooped on Wi-Fi networks and recorded details of email logins, medical information, sexual preferences and even evidence of extramarital affairs.”

If you don’t think you’re at risk you’re fooling yourself. College students, freelancers, or anyone who uses a hotel, coffee shop or public wifi network is in…

Wifi Sugar - Wireless Security Reviews