Easy Trick Proven to Stop Hackers in Their Tracks

I wanted to share this secret as soon as I could. If you're using a WIFI connection putting your computer at risk. Hackers can connect to the same WIFI connection you're on and eavesdrop on your computer or iPad.

Hackers have been found at cafes, hotels and airports, and are able to get access to all of your passwords, emails, and files on your computer within seconds!

The problems is huge but no one knows about it and that's how the hackers can get away with it!

Luckily there is a simple trick to protect yourself. Download and install a copy of WifiSugar. WifiSugar encrypts your connection to the WIFI network – it basically blocks out hackers by communicating in secret code.

WifiSugar has received a number of Editors Choice awards and its easy to see why. Its so easy to use. Simply connect to the public WIFI connection, then turn on WifiSugar with the click of a button, and you're all set!

It works with PCs, MACs, iPads, and phones and you can secure all of your electronic devices with just one WifiSugar Account.

Travelers, students, freelancers, anyone who uses public WIFI connections needs to get this software. Identity theft is no joke.

If you ever take your computer out of the house, you need to get a copy of WifiSugar.


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